Friday, 21 September 2018

Easy Steps To learn Oracle Certification Course

Easy Steps To learn Oracle Certification Courses

Welcome to the new Oracle Certification Course. We hope that you’ll enjoy this as a great way for those of us on the Oracle Certification team to share information and updates into what’s going on in the program. Because we provide Oracle Certification Course and are hard at work each day to maximize the value of your Oracle certification, we look forward to sharing insights with you about what we are doing and why are doing it.

Several weeks of brainstorming amongst the certification team has resulted in a list of topics that we feel I should discuss in the blog. Honestly - this list got pretty long. Sparing you the lengthy details,

- What is the Oracle Certification Course doing to help curb cheating?

- What is the real value of certification?

- How should I go about studying for the Oracle exams?

- My certificate took longer than I expected to arrive. Why?

- Why does Oracle have a training requirement?

- What should I do if I have a problem?

Want to learn more about the benefits of Oracle Certification Courses ?


1. Oracle Database 12c R2 is Oracle's Pre-Cloud environment platform.  

Oracle Database Cloud service is a highly optimized (storage, memory, management) container database using multitenant architecture. You can configure Oracle Database 12c R2 in your On-Premises environment and when ready, migrate to the cloud.

2.  Solve the compute, memory and storage customer issues.

Even if you're not ready to transfer everything over to the Cloud, upgrading to Oracle Database 12c R2 allows DBAs to fully take advantage of the latest technology advancements and enhancements of multitenant architecture, and other database features including; high availability, data protection, backup and recovery, consolidation and redundancy. 

3.  Utilize enhanced functionality and capabilities.

Prior to Oracle Database 12c, multitenant architecture wasn't available.  Now with 12c R2 and multitenant container databases, portability is far easier.

Oracle Certification Course administrators have the know how to run databases both at the junior and senior levels, depending on the certification level. Some people might argue that there is little point to being certified, as the process involves the memorization of theoretical concepts and taking a multiple choice test. However, while there is credence to the fact that certification does little to compensate for the lack of technical competence obtained through experience; it does give validity to such claims.

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