Sunday, 19 March 2017

Let’s Learn About HNC and HND Courses

A lot of the students don’t know, but it is always advisable for you to get practical knowledge about your specialized course because that makes you eligible for your job and recruiters prefer you more. HNC and HND courses are that kind of courses which can give you some of the amazing benefits like being preferred during recruitment process.

What is Higher National Qualification?

Both HND (Higher National Degree) and HNC (Higher National Qualification) are level 5 Certification degrees that teach you practical skills which you need in a job. The best part is both the degrees are equivalent to the 2nd year of the degree courses; that means you can directly take admission at the third of your degree course if you have already done HNC or HND courses before.

 Both HNC and HND courses are made up of high units –

1.    Where a full time HNC course take one year to complete and a part time takes almost two years, it is made up of 96 SCQF credit points.

2.    A full time HND takes two years to complete and a part time takes more than that. HND courses are made up of 240 SCQF credit points.

What makes HNC and HND so popular? What are the benefits?

Other degrees give you the theoretical approach to a particular subject. It is true that most of the times you may get practical classes but HNC or HND courses are more vocationally focused on the subject which helps you in your career front.

Above all, these courses are more like a stepping stone to your higher qualification. As mentioned earlier, it can help you get qualified in the third year of your degree without completing the first two years.

How to Get Started with the Course?

It is easy. All you need to do is check with your college you are applying to. Although the respective college may have their own requirements, here are the basic requirements

•    The program should be appropriate with the national units.
•    There should be two passes at higher or maybe above.
•    An equivalent qualification.

A lot of college and professional training institutes provide you some great opportunities for the courses. You can either apply for the courses in accounting, photography, construction, business and finance, engineering, management, graphic designing, computing and many more. However, “IT Professional Training” provides you the best professional subjects in HNC/HND computing in Edinburgh.