Friday, 8 September 2017

What Is HND and HNC – What Are Its Benefits and Needs?

Since the market for various high paying jobs have become quite competitive these days, the job seekers try to achieve their goals by using various tactics and studying various fruitful courses.

The employers these days always look for effort form the employees in order to reach their goals along with efficient individuals who have the right knowledge and practical approach to particular sectors.

There are a lot of such ways through which you can make your resume strong and impress your employers with your skills and certificates. One of the best such courses to study is HNC and HND courses in Edinburgh.

So what are these HNC and HNC courses?

The HNC course means the Higher National Certificate which takes one year to complete, or two years part-time. Many HNC courses cover the same subjects as an HND, but an HNC is one level below an HND but it's generally equivalent to the first year at university.

However, the HND means Higher National Diploma, which is a work-related course provided by higher and further education colleges in the UK. A full-time HND takes two years to complete, or three to four years part-time. Generally an HND is the equivalent to two years at university.

The benefits 

There are a lot of benefits of getting a HNC or a HND certificate. Unlike other degrees, these courses are mainly focused on the practical knowledge of the course, which makes you more efficient towards a job than any other candidates.

An employer gives more attention towards someone who has an HNC or a HND degree, than someone who has a regular degree. It is because the employers are only looking out for people who are efficient and have the right kind of practical knowledge in the particular field.

What are the courses available?

There are plenty of courses available for HND and HNC.

They can be as followed –

•    IT and Computing
•    Accounting
•    Business and Finance
•    Civil engineering
•    Management
•    Photography
•    Management
•    Electrical engineering
•    Mechanical engineering
•    Construction
•    Graphic design and many more others

You can choose your own subject for HNC and HND course and study the same. The duration of the courses are just 2 years and you can either take a full time course or a part time one. Get yourself enrolled in an HNC or HND course and get all the benefits.

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