Thursday, 7 December 2017

HND and HNC Courses and Its Benefit in Computing

HND and HNC courses are very popular especially among those people that not sure if they take a degree course of not. Even if HND and HNC are not degree courses but they are considered equivalent to undergrad qualifications but take considerably less time to complete. HND and HNC course are mainly designed for specific career courses such as accountancy, travel & tourism or computing.

HND or Higher National Diploma is a work related course and it takes two year to complete if taken in full time cures and three year in part time. This course is considered equivalent to two year degree at university. Just like this HNC or Higher National Certificate is also a work related course that provides the same subjects as HND but it considered a level lower then HND. To complete the full time HNC course one year is required and two year in part time course. HNC course is considered equivalent to one year degree at university.

Just like many courses HNC HND computing provides lot of benefits in the field of IT. HND and HNC courses not only provide theoretical knowledge but also give the practical knowledge as it these courses focus on learn by doing. So naturally an employer will prefer a candidate that has more knowledge then others.

Here are some benefits of doing HND HNC courses:

1.    Improvement in the career prospective: Higher National Diploma or Higher National Courses are equivalent to 2 years in a degree college and is a Level 5 certification. As these HND and HNC courses focus on mainly learn by doing so the practical knowledge offers by these courses are higher than others. Since most of the employer knows about this fact so by doing HND and HNC course there is a high chance of getting more career privilege then others.

2.    Time flexible: HND and HNC courses not only provide you great opportunities in career but these course are also time flexible too. You can either decide to take full time or part time course depending on your requirement but it does not affect the value of the certificate.

3.    Stepping stone: HND and HNC courses also can be uses as stepping stone to enroll you into a particular degree course that require special certification. Level 3 certifications such as A-Levels, GNVQs, NVQs, Access Certificate etc can help you accepted in higher diploma but HND and HNC courses are level 5 certifications and can give you opportunity to take admission at the third year of degree courses easily.

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